The Spotlight’s on Garrett Reynolds

By Zarrin Alam

There’s been a lot of young people lately who have been making their name famous in the world, whether it’s in action sports, movies, or music. But there’s one specific person who I am talking about; his name is Garrett Reynolds, a BMX rider. Already winning gold at the X Games and taking home a Dew Cup last year, what more can we expect from this young BMX rider?

Garrett Reynolds is a pretty decent nineteen year old guy from Toms River, New Jersey. He won his first BMX competition (Taz Tour) at only 12 years old, and by the next year he became pro. When he was 15, he hit the Dew Tour, but placed 21st overall. However, he climbed higher in the ranks from then on, except in 2007 (probably just a fluke). For so long, Daniel Dhers had been dominating BMX park at the Dew Tour until 2009, when Garrett Reynolds swept the competition away and won his first-ever Dew Cup, in the process taking away what could’ve been Dhers’ third.

Winning at the Dew Tour is one thing and a highlight in anyone’s career, but when you win at the X Games, it’s like winning at the Olympics.  At the 2007 X Games, Garrett won gold in the street BMX competition, and placed fourth in the park competition. In 2008, he won gold at X Games for the same event, and second at the Mexican X Games street competition. In 2009, Garrett yet again won gold at X Games for street and gold at the Asian X Games, also for BMX street. Also under Garret’s list of accomplishments are placing first at Simpel Session two years in a row and winning Street Rider of the Year at the Nora Awards two years consecutively. 2009 was definitely his best year so far, especially with a Dew Cup, a bunch of gold medals, and other awards under his belt.

Garrett Reynolds’ riding style is definitely different from many of the other pro riders out there. He takes into account every aspect of the course and evaluates how he should approach it. When you’re watching Garrett on the park course or even on the street, he’s going to leave you wanting more. You can expect him to utilize the whole course most of the time, unlike some other BMX riders that I know of (*cough* Mike Spinner *cough* no offense *cough*). What I really like about Garrett Reynolds, though, is that he is a very technical rider and adds his own flair to his tricks. Reynolds has a way of making simple tricks like a tail-whip or a barspin into something extraordinary. My favorite trick that he does is definitely his no-handers; it looks like he’s trying to fly. He’s also been compared to Ryan Nyquist before because they are both bar spin masters, but Reynolds might overthrow the bar spin king sooner or later. The way Garrett uses simple tricks to piece together a first place worthy run always amazes me.

Garrett Reynolds really has the whole BMX thing working for him, considering he’s making money by doing something he loves. Let’s not forget that he’s also pretty cute (I’m a girl by the way AND a teenager) with his black curly hair and crooked smile. No wonder he was featured on The Alli Show, and on the miniseries Five Months til’ Freedom. I just wish he wouldn’t grow out his facial hair. Not only good looks, but Garrett also has a humble personality, is always smiling, and is friendly (very similar to Tim Urban from American Idol). It just makes me wonder does he even get mad?

Garrett Reynolds

Having your career started at 13 can complicate many parts of your life (just ask Justin Bieber), like going to school, hanging out with friends, or anything else that teenagers do. Garrett somehow fits all this in his. He went back to his hometown to finish high school (as seen on the miniseries Five Months til’ Freedom) and has enough time to shoot videos with his friends. With his life so busy, he probably doesn’t have a lot of time to shave.

Garrett Reynolds is on his way to becoming the Ryan Sheckler of BMX these days. You can catch Garrett in action this summer at the Dew Tour and hopefully the X Games. I just told you the brief history of what Garrett’s achievements are so far and what I think of him. I predict he’s just going to get better and better. Don’t believe me? Google it.

Zarrin Alam is just a small-town girl from North Carolina. She considers herself one of the most spontaneous people you’d ever meet. Follow the randomness on twitter at @zarrinalam.


One Response to The Spotlight’s on Garrett Reynolds

  1. Derek says:

    Nice post, over the last year or so, I’ve been asking myself “Who is Garrett Reynolds and how come I haven’t heard much about him until now?” He kind of popped up in the pro scene real quick and took control! It’s gonna be hard for him to have the same success this year, but if he does, it will be a testament to his talent and abilities…

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