Inbox: w/ Mark McMorris

By Tyler Daku

I have known Mark McMorris for a few years now, and since day 1, I have been totally impressed and inspired by the dude. I don’t know too many people, let alone 16-year old kids, with the personality, maturity and absolutely mind-blowing talent he possesses.

In just a few short years, he has gone from unknown Regina super grom, to worldwide double-corking phenom. Traveling from country to country, dominating the scene and building his reputation along the way. Over the course of the 2010-2011 season, Mark was all over the world, riding in some of its biggest contests.

Winning the Ride Shakedown at Mont Saint Sauveur in Quebec may have been the icing on the cake, but there was no shortage of highlights for our boy.  Another giganto-sized accomplishment was receiving an invite to the highly exclusive Oakley Arctic Challenge.


Spending the season traveling with European X Games Champ and O’neil teammate Eric Willett taught Mark a lot. The absence of superstar Seb Touts gave the young ripper a chance to really step up, and under the guidance of team manager Max Henault he did just that.

Mark is a busy young man these days, but I got the chance to grill him via a plethora of social media and email. Keep in mind the following is an account of the life a 16-year old kid. Don’t get too jealous!

TyD: Yo, dude, thanks for taking a second to kick it! Let’s catch up a little. What have you been up to, anything worth writing home about?

Mark: “I did over 15 contests this year and traveled to over 10 countries! Mostly all involving contests, I had a great contest year with only missing three finals and making the podium at some very well know events! The event and result I was most happy with was winning Shakedown in Canada and right behind that would be a 5th place at the Arctic Challenge in Norway! Just to be there with all those big names and to get the invite from Terje was truly a dream come true. I didn’t make the podium but being in the finals with all the people I have always looked up to my whole life was just amazing.”

TyD: A solid first season to say the least. To say this season has been a learning curve would be an understatement, what would you say are the major things you will take away from this year?

Mark: “I gained so much experience this season! With finding what works for me in contests and just learning what mind set I need to be in and all that fun stuff also meeting all the great people I did will definitely help me in the future of my snowboard career.”


The O'neil Snowboard Team At The Launch

TyD: Speaking of meeting great people I have heard some stories about the dudes you did the shred with this season. Who do you think was the “dopest” person you met this year through riding?

Mark: “I would say the coolest person I met on all my journeys this year would have to be Eero Ettala; he is such a good person and has an amazing attitude! I definitely learnt the most this season from Max (Henault); he always has advice! It’s usually good too! Haha!”

TyD: Sounds like you are on the right path to be my hero! What do the next few months hold for you?

Mark: “In the next few months I’ll be around home just trying to get some school done, head to Superpark next week in Mammoth, spend sometime with friends and then in late June head out to Camp Of Champs to start off the TTR season FRESH!”

video credit: Adam Burwell

TyD: And there you have it folks, the life of the average 16 year old Saskatchewan Male. Alright bud, I’m gunna let you get back to doing what you do, any props or love to give?

Mark: “Thanks to everyone at Oneill, Oakley, Class 5, The Source and Camp Of Champs”

It’s pretty clear Mark McMorris is heading in the right direction. He has his head properly on his shoulders and a support crew to back him up every step. Add to that he has talent for days and youth on his side he just might be unstoppable.

I would like to say a big thank you to Mark for taking the time out to do this. I’m pretty sure at the time of this post he will be in California killing it, so thanks Marky!

Also again to Adam Burwell at Burwell Productions for the shweet video of The Launch

When he is not in the shop, on the road as a sales rep or scouring the Internet for content on his blog Tyler Daku is most likely getting wet behind a buddy’s boat, racking out on a jib somewhere or cruising the streets on a bamboo fishtail.


One Response to Inbox: w/ Mark McMorris

  1. Don McMorris says:

    Hey Tyler great article. Just one change i would suggest. Mark is just turned 16 in Dec.

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