Get Familiar: Tom Asta

By OhioSkateUniv

If you have been paying attention to skateboarding during the past couple of weeks, then the name on the tip of your tongue lately has probably been Tom Asta. I think it is safe to say that most of us weren’t hip to Tom until we heard about the uncharacteristic Zero part that he shared with the Man Skater of the Year, Chris Cole. Upon seeing this part, the general reaction was, “Rap in a Zero video?” and “Who is Tom Asta?” follow by an immediate, “That guy rips!”.

Fast forward to now and you should be aware that Tom Asta just got put on Mystery, was recruited by The Berrics, and his first Mystery ad is a switch heel over the LOVE gap. Let me repeat, a switch stance heelflip over the one and only LOVE gap. Although the photo is at night the message this ad sends across is, “Wake up!”. If you were still sleeping on Tom Asta after his rude introduction to skateboarding and through his recent online video parts, you need to wake up.

It is clear to the internet audience that outside of the shared part, Chris Cole and Tom Asta are friends and one could gather that Chris Cole is probably schooling Tom to the game that is skateboarding. After reading different articles, different comment threads, etc… I’ve gotten a feeling of déjà vu, haven’t we seen something a bit similar in the past? If you dust off your tapes and mags (or do a quick youtube/google search) you will find a similar history between Jamie Thomas and Chris Cole, Jamie being the mentor and Chris being the young gun.

Jamie Thomas has garnered respect from the entire skateboarding industry by creating something out of nothing and being one of the biggest names and owning one of the biggest companies in skateboarding. Jamie created brands, put out consistent videos (and video parts), and holds the title of “Chief”. His reputation for having an unmatched eye when it comes to scouting talent and putting together a video is something that can be partly attributed to the success of Chris Cole.

Over the years, we watched Chris Cole progress from the time of In Bloom and Dying to Live up to Ride the Sky and Strange World. Also, we cannot forget that Chris Cole won just about every contest this past year, was named Thrasher’s Skater of the Year, and was included in Transworld’s 10 Skaters Who Changed The Decade. Just as The Chief molded Chris Cole into the mind-blowing skater we all stare blankly at now, it seems as though Chris is beginning to mold Tom Asta. If you weren’t paying attention, you ought to be now.

When not writing for Expression Session, you can find the writer posting daily at his own blog, Ohio Skate University and posting weekly at The Goodie Bag Blog.


2 Responses to Get Familiar: Tom Asta

  1. mkbain says:

    Tom Asta is on track to rock the street skate world, and could not be in better company. Great article and videos!

  2. James says:

    Nice article!

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