Fashion: Arnette Sunglasses

By Zarrin Alam

When you’re at the beach, and the sun’s glaring in your eyes, what’s the best protection from those UV rays?  Sunglasses, but not just any old pair; a pair of Arnette shades is the definite choice.   These sunglasses will keep your pupils protected from the sun and help you stay stylish.

I first heard of Arnette from one of their team members, Rob Darden.  He retweeted about one of their contests featuring an exclusive not-yet-release pair of shades.  Me, being curious, I decided to check out both of their sites; & first.   Honestly, I am a very picky about what kind of sunglasses I want, because they have to be a certain way and have to suit me, but I actually really liked what I saw.  My personal favorites would be the One Time shades from (even though the name makes me think of Justin Bieber first) and Agent from    I didn’t have much hopes of winning, because it depends on luck of the draw.   Then on Friday April 16th, during 2nd period (which is Pre-Calculus), I got a message on my phone.   Arnette had told me that I had won the contest and I was going to get the shades.  I had to contain my excitement since I was in the middle of class, but I was doing jumping jacks inside my head.  The sunglasses I won are on and their called the High Life.   I also got some other gear like a hat, a shirt, and some stickers.

The qualities of Arnette sunglasses are beyond expectations.   They even have videos on that show you how well the sunglasses can last through tests like side stress, abrasion and scratch, drop ball, and more.  Not to mention they have a really cool logo.  You’re probably wondering now how Arnette ties in with action sports.   Well Arnette’s team member consists of many professional surfers, skateboarders, BMX riders, and wake boarders.  The name that sticks out to me the most is Rob Darden, a BMX rider.  But then again,  I don’t know as many surfers since I’m not a huge fan of water sports (due to the fact that I can’t swim).    They also sponsor many contests like the SBA Dew Series, In Your Face Movie Contest, the Make It or Break It contest, Arnette All-Day Antics Surf Series, and many more.  You can get your own pair of shades in various sunglass stores; just check with the store finder on their website.

In conclusion, I would like to take this moment and thank Rob Darden for this introducing me to Arnette, and Arnette for giving me a free pair of sunglasses and other gear.  Summer is coming up and it’s time to hit the beach, so go buy yourself a pair of Arnette shades.   Or do what I did, and hope you win one of their contests.  There is no doubt in my mind, that you will be satisfied with their super, awesome collection of shades.

Zarrin Alam is just a small-town girl from North Carolina. She considers herself one of the most spontaneous people you’d ever meet. Follow the randomness on twitter at @zarrinalam.


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